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My Personal Journey,  The Reason Ruzica De Falica Utilizes the Infrared Sauna 

A few years ago I asked my chiropractor a question I’ve always wondered, “Dr. Sherr how come I've never seen you sick?”  I go to get adjusted every week for 7 years now and he has never been sick. I know he eats healthy and exercises but people are constantly there getting adjusted while sick to move the sickness out quicker, so how come he never gets even a sniffle?  He replies “every day after I leave the office I go straight home and go in my Infrared sauna."  This is the first time that I have heard of this type of sauna.  He explains to me that through infrared wavelengths and heat, your body actually removes its own toxins.  When the body is toxin free there is no sickness.  I was amazed at this simple answer, and, I curiously wanted to try an infrared sauna on my own but couldn’t find one close to where I lived at the time.  Life went on but it was always in the back of my head.   

7 years past and my husband and 3 boys (7,5 and 2) and I ended up getting severe mold poisoning due to black mold that was in the walls of our house.  We were living there for 2 years and we kept getting sick and not knowing that it was from the mold.  Thank God we finally figured out that we had BLACK MOLD!   Right before remediation time we actually ended up all losing our sense of smell and yellow and green was coming out of our noses for a 3 week period of time.  To make matters worse I ended up getting the sickest of all and I got pneumonia.

I went to my chiropractor to get adjusted to help me heal because I do live a holistic lifestyle and I do not take any over the counter drugs or antibiotics unless it’s life threatening.  When he listened to my lungs he confirmed my pneumonia and he told me that I needed to get to an infrared sauna today and keep going until I have no symptoms.  

This is how my infrared sauna journey began.  My 3 boys and I went every day to the sauna for 7 days.  At the place where I went for my sauna they had ionic foot baths too, so I used those as well.  Every day I felt better and stronger.  After the 7th day, I started going 3x a week.  I still can’t believe how tremendously the sauna helped me.  I was getting stronger quickly and even the kids were feeling better. Thankfully we got our sense of smell back.

After the terrible event, I knew that I wanted to offer this amazing service in our spa.  It has helped me heal so amazingly that I want to help and educate all my family, friends and clients so they can experience the same. 


I use the sauna 3-5 a week since our sickness and I’ve seen more results that I was surprised to witness.  My skin is no longer dry and cracked.  The skin on my face has tightened and the fine lines have faded as well. I’ve lost weight and my whole body feels tighter.  I even noticed some old scars have faded dramatically.  What really makes me happy is that my family and I have not been sick at all! Even during the holidays when a family member came obviously very sick, everyone else ending getting what they had within 2 days. But not us! 


Our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna is an amazing machine.  I want to share this with as many people as possible and give them the joy that it brings my family and me on a daily basis!

Andrea Aravena 💕

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